Hi my name is Jhajayra. I've been a patient of Elite Care Medical since 2014. In the beginning I lost over 20lbs and then I got pregnant. Once I had my baby I came back to Elite to start over again. When I went in October 2015 I was a size 14/16. As of July 2016 I am now in a 6 dress size. With Elite's program, exercising and proper eating I am able to maintain my weight, look and feel great. So if you are having any doubts about changing your life style, take it from me, I am now the "BOSS OF MY WEIGHT LOSS!"

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I've been a patient of Elite Care Medical since March 2011. When I first started their Weight Loss Program I weighed in at 231.5 lbs. By November 2011, I was weighing 180 lbs with the appetite suppressants, the weekly fat burner shots and exercise. I returned to Elite Care in January 2012 and had gained 8 lbs. I was devastated that I had gained so much weight in such a short period of time. 

I thought to myself, well maybe this Weight Loss Program at Elite Care Medical was not for me. So I went searching for the "Program" for me that will help me lose the weight and keep it off. After approximately one "1" year later I found no such thing and decided to go back to Elite Care Medical, for this was the place that helped me in the beginning. I returned in April 2013, and they had some new products with an updated plan that would truly put me back on track. With the appetite suppressant, fat burner shots and the "new belly fat " injection/oral solution, which targets belly fat only! I was truly excited and ready to take this weight problem of mine head on. I weighed in on April 6, 2013 at 194lbs. I was truly discouraged, but yet positive. I returned the following week to receive my fat burner shot and the new belly fat shot and was down 5 lbs with an inch off my mid section. I was excited and encouraged; anxious to see more results. After 10 months of proper eating, exercise, detoxifications, fat burner shots and this awesome belly fat shot I am now at 174.5 lbs with a waist of 32". I can truly say that when you put your mind to conquering fat and living a healthy life with the aid of safe products, you can truly meet your goals lose the weight and keep it off!!!

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Congratulations to Ms Sylvia! Winner of our April 2017 Photo Contest! As you can see, she is the BOSS OF HER WEIGHT LOSS.

Hi, I'm Deily. I started coming to Elite Clinic in October 2014. I weighed in at 200lbs and as of May 15, 2015 I'm now at 140lbs. With the proper eating habits, exercising and their "fat burning" injections I've been able to lose the weight I've always desired to lose and keep it off. Thank You Elite!